15 Free Books Left

We’re halfway through the “30 Days of Free Books” COVID-19 program, and there are still many great books in many genres from many amazing authors up for grabs!

Entry is free, other than answering 1 quick, multiple-choice question about how the coronavirus has affected your reading habits. The other authors and I thought it was important to make this as easy as possible given the stress our world is under right now. So we don’t require a tweet or a newsletter sign-up or your first-born for you to enter to win a free book.

Visit the “30 Days of Free Books” webpage to view the remaining drawings and enter the ones you like.

In the meantime, I want to thank all of the authors taking part in this little program. We’re getting feedback from some of the winners that these books are bringing smiles to their faces, and that’s what authors thrive on–knowing that our work has done some good. That is more important than ever these days when we all need to find ways to support each other.

Here are the participating authors, many of them award-winners and best-sellers; all of them wonderful people and talented writers:

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