Fun Photo Friday: COVID-19 Appetites Edition

Gotta have some fun with this whole COVID-19 isolation thing, right? In that spirit, this week's Fun Photo Friday continues my new tradition of featuring funny coronavirus-related memes and images. This week's theme is Eating & Drinking with the emphasis on Drinking. These are 4 of my favorite funnies related to our appetites for drinking … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: COVID-19 Appetites Edition

15 Free Books Left

We're halfway through the "30 Days of Free Books" COVID-19 program, and there are still many great books in many genres from many amazing authors up for grabs! Entry is free, other than answering 1 quick, multiple-choice question about how the coronavirus has affected your reading habits. The other authors and I thought it … Continue reading 15 Free Books Left

Sneak Preview – 30 Days of Free Books

Sneak preview: During this coronavirus crisis, housebound people are turning to streaming services and social media to stay entertained and sane. It's time to get some books into that mix, don't you think? We'll be announcing something special in a day or two. (As you can guess from the title of this post, it has … Continue reading Sneak Preview – 30 Days of Free Books