“Horrifying at the Right Moments”

woman red shirt holding tablet book cover horseshoes and hand grenades

This reader review of my book Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is from a few weeks ago, but I'm just now finding time to post it. (I've been moving.) I completely respect the reviewer's different take on modern sexuality, and appreciate that the story of Astrid and Shelby resonated with her. Here's her review: Great read … Continue reading “Horrifying at the Right Moments”

HAHG Review: “A timely book for the #MeToo age”

amazon review of horseshoes and hand grenades by eileen o'finlan

Authors know that no book appeals to everyone, and that not every reader will enjoy our books. So it's extremely gratifying when a reader "gets it" -- not only enjoying and appreciating the story, but understanding 100% what you were trying to say and why you said it and wrote it the way you did. … Continue reading HAHG Review: “A timely book for the #MeToo age”