Fun Photo Friday: Badass Female Scottish 1900s Rock Climbers

scottish women rock climbers 1900s

(All the credit for this amazing photo and story goes to Edinburgh Live.)

This Friday’s Fun Photo shows members of the Ladies’ Scottish Climbing Club wearing–well, as you can see–the immensely practical and athletic clothing worn by all women in the 1900s…as they climb a rock face.

See that rope around their waists? That was their only protection, other than their wits and good judgement of course.

Before being allowed into the Ladies’ Scottish Climbing Club, a woman would have to climb four, 3,000-foot-high mountains including two “snow climbs” and two “rock climbs.”

Yep. And my daughter and I struggled to climb The Storr on the Isle of Skye a few years ago because we didn’t have proper footwear….

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