Fun Photo Friday: Introverts, Unite!

cartoon comic on introverts

This Friday’s Fun Photo is highly amusing to me. Hopefully it is also funny to introverts around the world and maybe even extroverts. 🙂

I find people fascinating and I generally love interacting with them, albeit in small groups. But my daughter once told me the true definition of an introvert is someone who recharges their batteries by being alone, whereas an extrovert recharges by being with other people.

That definitely puts me in the introvert bucket. I savor my alone time. I once saw a hysterical sign in a shop–one of those little plaques you put on your desk or on your wall–that said, “My alone time is for your own safety.” Yep. And my own sanity.

This comic is from introverteed30, so thanks to them, and it was brought to my attention by author Tina O’Hailey. It captures perfectly the way I sometimes feel after large meet-and-greets.

cartoon comic on introverts

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