A Spectacularly Spooky Read

book cover black-and-white spooky man

Congratulations to fellow TouchPoint Press author M.T. Maliha for releasing another spectacularly spooky read–Betwixted, the final installment in her Waverly Estates trilogy.

Maliha is a wonderful storyteller. Betwixted grabbed me from Chapter 1 as the plot went into high gear immediately. Every chapter provides a spooky, eerie chill, and the mystery and intrigue build right up through the end.

I found myself wanting to jump ahead on many pages to see what was going to happen.

In between the ghost stories, the narrator makes observations on death and life that show Maliha is an able student of the human condition as well as the owner of a very vivid imagination.

This was a wonderful conclusion to the Waverly Estate trilogy.

Learn more about the novel and read reviews on her website.

book cover black-and-white spooky man

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