Fun Photo Friday: Jean Zungola’s Little Book

pages from book of lord alfred tennyson's poem the may queen

This Friday’s Fun Photo post features a tattered, much-loved small book, The May Queen by Alfred Lord Tennyson, owned by Jean Zungola, a friend from one of the writers’ groups I belong to. Jean’s mother used to read this poem to her and her sister when they were children, and Jean inherited the sentimental keepsake when her mother died. 

inside pages of book of alfred lord tennyson's poem the may queen

Look at the smudges and creases suggesting scores, maybe hundreds, of readings. Look at the small tears and taped sections revealing that it has been pleasing its readers for many a year.

inside of old tattered book with tape and faded handwriting

Best of all, look at the handmade dust jacket added to protect it not only from physical damage, but from theft! It warns would-be thieves, presumably in the family, to “Leave this book alone. Replace where found……or else.” That protective message sums up the book’s value to Jean and her family.

woman holding small book with homemade dust jacket

For those of you who know the poem and might be wondering: Yes, this version that the little girls loved so much has the full poem including the narrator’s death at the end. 

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