Where Did the Time Go?

Seems like yesterday I was blogging about how hard it is to envision the yet-to-be-designed cover of my book Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, and how torturous it is to wait for the galley proof.

Today I’m happy to provide two exciting updates: My cover is almost done — it looks fab! — and I’m proofing my galley practically as we speak.

So, it’s a busy, somewhat stressful week for me with a lot happening in book land on top of my day job helping to save the world one solar panel at a time. So I’ll forego this week’s in-depth post on a subject related to my book’s #MeToo theme, or musing on one of the other topics I blog about for fun: animals, clean energy, music, etc.

And if the rest of the week remains super busy, I can use the frazzled hamster in the meme above as my Fun Photo Friday post too. 🙂 . (Or is it a guinea pig? It’s hard to judge scale based on the photo…)

Anyway, stay tuned for the cover reveal in the near future. I hope you’re as blown away by it as I am.

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