Treasure Trove for Poetry Lovers

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Where does one start to describe the wonderful writing and career of award-winning poet Susan Roney-O'Brien, whose new collection Thira is now available? This new release is a treasure trove for poetry-lovers. She has published five collections of poetry and innumerable individual poems in literary publications. Her poetry has been translated into Braille and Mandarin. … Continue reading Treasure Trove for Poetry Lovers

Poem: Portrait

A dear friend who understands the incest and sexual harassment themes of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is allowing me to publish her original poem here on my blog. <3 Portrait My brother lifts the blanket off my feet. His fingers climb my inner thighs. I am eight. He tells me to be quiet. I flatten … Continue reading Poem: Portrait

Fun Photo Friday: Jean Zungola’s Little Book

pages from book of lord alfred tennyson's poem the may queen

This Friday’s Fun Photo post features a tattered, much-loved small book, The May Queen by Alfred Lord Tennyson, owned by Jean Zungola, a friend from one of the writers’ groups I belong to. Jean’s mother used to read this poem to her and her sister when they were children, and Jean inherited the sentimental keepsake … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Jean Zungola’s Little Book