Fun Photo Friday: Scorpion Petting

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Today’s Fun Photo Friday features an image hysterical to most authors I know. Hopefully others will enjoy it too! Scorpion petting. Who came up with that? But it’s so spot on.

It’s hard to quantify how important reader reviews are to authors in this Internet day and age. In fact, some book-focused newsletters and websites will only allow you to promote your book with them if it has a set number of reader reviews. So THANK YOU to all who take the time to post reviews.

Sometimes I wonder if the huge-name authors still appreciate reader reviews. My hope is, although it’s harder for them to read them all, most of them are still humble enough to be grateful when an individual takes the time to let others know how they feel about a book they’ve recently read.

(Nicely done, Liana Brooks and Debbie Ridpath, for creating/sharing this image!)

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