Fun Photo Friday: Scorpion Petting

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Today's Fun Photo Friday features an image hysterical to most authors I know. Hopefully others will enjoy it too! Scorpion petting. Who came up with that? But it's so spot on. It's hard to quantify how important reader reviews are to authors in this Internet day and age. In fact, some book-focused newsletters and websites … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Scorpion Petting

Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

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Let me clarify: I don't hate Women's Fiction. In fact, my most recently published novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, can be classified as Women's Fiction. I hate the term "Women's Fiction". Jodi Picoult - Master of Women's Fiction or just Master of Fiction? I don't understand why we need a genre of literature called "Women's … Continue reading Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways

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I couldn't be more excited to announce "30 Days of Free Books" -- a month of free book giveaways to get some literature into the hands of people housebound and sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. The idea for this hit me while reading about all the TV/streaming services offering extended free trials … Continue reading Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways