Fun Photo Friday: #IWD2020

fist and opened hand natalie simone stars

So I completely missed International Women’s Day due to an overloaded schedule. I knew it was happening, and definitely should have added my voice to the chorus of celebratory and inspirational cries heard around the globe last Sunday, March 8. But time was not on my side. (Cue the Rolling Stones.)

I figured I could turn my tardiness into a positive by finding an amazing image that represented International Women’s Day for this week’s Fun Photo Friday post. But that proved harder than I expected.

Instead, I present this image, created by the amazing Natalie Simone. To me, it embodies so much of what makes women women:

We are strong. We are powerful. We demand equality and justice.

We are pain. We are fear. We self harm. We are alone. We suffer.

We celebrate. We shout. We laugh. We embrace. We lean. We support. We shoot rainbows of emotion into the sky.

We are the cosmos.

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