Poetry in the Pines

poem on wood plaque installed at poetry in the pines rindge nh

I have many personal connections to today's post topic, so I'm pleased to talk about "Poetry in the Pines", a collaboration of the Monadnock Writers' Group and the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. So much poetry is inspired by nature that "Poetry in the Pines" seems a natural mélange. Cathedral of the Pines … Continue reading Poetry in the Pines

Treasure Trove for Poetry Lovers

cover thira poems poetry red gold gray

Where does one start to describe the wonderful writing and career of award-winning poet Susan Roney-O'Brien, whose new collection Thira is now available? This new release is a treasure trove for poetry-lovers. She has published five collections of poetry and innumerable individual poems in literary publications. Her poetry has been translated into Braille and Mandarin. … Continue reading Treasure Trove for Poetry Lovers

How to Re-organize Your Bookshelf Using (Il)logical Categories

vintage classic books from author s.m. stevens bookshelf

Moving to a new home, as I recently did, means a fresh start at one’s bookshelf — a chance to wander through the collection, re-visit old friends, and maybe pluck out a few titles that have fallen out of favor and deserve a more loving home. It’s also a time to re-organize your books in … Continue reading How to Re-organize Your Bookshelf Using (Il)logical Categories