Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways

program logo 30 days of free books

I couldn’t be more excited to announce “30 Days of Free Books” — a month of free book giveaways to get some literature into the hands of people housebound and sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea for this hit me while reading about all the TV/streaming services offering extended free trials to people suffering cabin fever thanks to COVID-19. Why not get some free books to people too, I thought?

From there, it was a matter of reaching out to authors I’ve met over the past year of promoting my novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. But I could not have pulled this off without the generosity of the participating authors, who jumped on board and offered to donate a copy of their book(s) for the program.

In particular, I owe thanks to Helen Fremont for her massive role recruiting other authors, and to poet Susan Roney O’Brien who introduced me to Helen and has been a catalyst in so many other ways.

We ended up with 23 authors from 12 states representing every genre known to humankind. So there is sure to be something on the list to float your book boat.

Check out how it works here, and share liberally — we all need some fun these days, and what’s more fun than a freebie?

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