A Spectacularly Spooky Read

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Congratulations to fellow TouchPoint Press author M.T. Maliha for releasing another spectacularly spooky read--Betwixted, the final installment in her Waverly Estates trilogy. Maliha is a wonderful storyteller. Betwixted grabbed me from Chapter 1 as the plot went into high gear immediately. Every chapter provides a spooky, eerie chill, and the mystery and intrigue build right … Continue reading A Spectacularly Spooky Read

How to Re-organize Your Bookshelf Using (Il)logical Categories

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Moving to a new home, as I recently did, means a fresh start at one’s bookshelf — a chance to wander through the collection, re-visit old friends, and maybe pluck out a few titles that have fallen out of favor and deserve a more loving home. It’s also a time to re-organize your books in … Continue reading How to Re-organize Your Bookshelf Using (Il)logical Categories